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The “Helping Runners” scheme is born

We (Thomas Dörr and Daniel Hopp) are two running enthusiasts with triathlon and marathon experience. While training together, we came up with an idea: we wanted to make sure that our official competition runs contributed to a good cause.

The concept for the Helping Runners scheme was thus born.

We process all donations via the Adler Helfen Menschen e.V. (a non-profit registered charity created by the Mannheim Eagles ice hockey team) or the Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung (German Pediatric Cancer Foundation) in order to secure donations and so that we are able to issue donation receipts for our partners and sponsors.

For every running season or running event, we sell advertising space on our running kit, and enter all official competitions wearing it. We know we aren’t guaranteed to be winners, but we know that those we support via these projects are the true winners. All of the money goes to the supported projects. We will pay any additional costs, such as the kit, flocking, race fees, administration costs etc.

With my charity runs, I support the Woodland Pirate Camp in Heidelberg, an organization supported by the German Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Children and young people, most of whom have many years of cancer treatment behind them, come to this camp to take their first steps back to a normal life. The camp residents often also have severe disabilities due to brain surgery or other surgical interventions. Photography workshops, crafting courses and other activities are provided at the camp. These activities are intended to give the children and young people a taste of success and help them gain new self-confidence.

I was able to get to know some of these young people at two visits to Palazzo in Stuttgart, and on other occasions. My wife and I spent some time with these children, each of them truly unique. They truly enriched our hearts and gave us some amazing memories. I also visited the camps frequently and accompanied the children and young people during their activities. I realized how valuable these facilities are for those who use them. Here, they have the space to let loose, develop and build up their own personalities without limits.

Best wishes,

Thomas Dörr

Video from Deutsche Krebshilfe (the German Cancer Aid Society) on the Woodland Pirate Camp


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