04. June 2024

When it hits you or someone in your circle of family/friends, you realize how serious it can be. Then you hope for a donor every day until it is perhaps too late.

But maybe you are the right donor. It doesn't hurt you, it can help others. A win-win situation! 

The following facts need no further explanation.

  • There are currently over 9,500 people in Germany urgently waiting for a donor organ.
  • Every year, around 1,000 people die because they did not receive a life-saving organ in time.
  • By deciding to become an organ donor, we can save up to eight lives and significantly improve the quality of life of many more patients.
  • Strict rules apply in Germany to prevent misuse of organ donation.
  • The determination of brain death prior to organ removal is clear and irreversible.
  • Individual organs can be excluded from donation on the ID card and it is possible to object to organ removal altogether. 

A simple decision that can save lives.
Register online today or order a free organ donor card for your wallet. 

We have launched an internal campaign and ordered 100 organ donor cards for all colleagues. Anyone who wants to can pick up a card at any time.

So motivate your family and friends to register and do something good together.



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