Vaccination campaign
15. June 2021

The company Max Dörr Förderanlagen from Gemmingen starts its CORONA vaccination campaign for employees in cooperation with the local group practice Dres. Klimm

The idea of ​​the management of Max Dörr GmbH to make their employees a vaccination offer met with great interest and positive reactions. The team of the group practice Dres. Klimm was happy to help with the execution of the vaccination campaign. Dr. med. Michael Klimm emphasized how important it is to also carry out vaccinations in companies as the next step in order to fight the pandemic, as there are a lot of contacts.

On June 15, 2021, the employees received their vaccination with the vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer against the coronavirus.

"We are pleased that we can protect a big part of our employees from potentially serious disease courses with the vaccination offer against the coronavirus," emphasizes the management.

Managing Director Patrik Dörr adds: “Our thanks go out to the group practice Dres. Klimm, who set up the infrastructure and logistics for the vaccination campaign within a very short time. Our greatest respect goes especially to the employees in their practice who have been working at their limits for weeks. They have integrated and organized our campaign in addition to the daily "vaccination marathon".“

Despite the successful start of the vaccination and the first immunization, of course, the strict hygiene concepts including the mask requirement remain in place. Caution is still the top priority.



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